Friday 28 January 2011

Total Film Movie Blog Awards: THE RESULT

After three weeks of people pressing buttons depending on who they were friends with, the voting for the Total Film Movie Blog Awards has finally come to an end. It was a well fought contest in my category, and Kino Obscura ended up taking the title of Best Review Blog. That's fine with me as it's a well deserved victory (not that I would have minded winning), and congrats to all the other blogs that were nominated. Here's the final top three for the Best Review Blog category.

Rather annoyingly I missed out on that podium finish, but it wasn't exactly a close run thing (there were about 150 votes between me and third place One Photo Reviews) and I finished a very respectable 4th place in the contest. As I like to think of it, if there were two podiums, I'd be on the top of the second one. Or, to use the lexicon of Total Film...

"(Not So Highly Commended)"

In all seriousness though, there were 20 pretty cool sites to choose from, and 4th place is higher than I could ever have wished for. Thanks to everyone who voted for me, as it's given me some validation to keep doing what I'm doing and really is most appreciated.

Despite all the accusations of vote rigging and such (I don't think there was any of that going on in my category, but apparently it was rife elsewhere), it was a fun experience to be a part of, and although I may not have won anything at least it got loads more visits to Slacker Cinema. Also, I'd never really thought of my blog as a 'review blog' before, but I kinda like the sound of that (and to be honest, I'd have got destroyed in the Best Overall Blog category).

So, thanks to Total Film for running the awards and for giving us lowly blogger types a whole heap of exposure. I'll see you guys again next year, when I plan on winning the whole thing.

Click here to check out all of the winners.

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