Saturday 29 January 2011

[the films of] SOFIA COPPOLA

As I think I made clear in my review of her latest effort Somewhere, I am a unashamed fan of Sofia Coppola's work. To answer those who say that her work is somewhat shallow, this expertly put together video (using clips and split screens of all of her films so far), highlights all the recurring themes that prove Coppola's work is more than skin deep.

Juxtaposing the faces, locales, emotions and experiences of her main characters, it pretty much sums up all that I love about Sofia Coppola's work in just over two minutes. As well as showcasing all of her strong, individual female leads, it also serves as a helpful reminder that Coppola's films have great music too.

This is just the first entry into a series of videos YouTube user keesvdijkhuizen is going to create, based on a multitude of different filmmakers. I'll be honest that this one interests me especially, but I'm intrigued enough to check in next month to see which filmmaker they've chosen to look at next.

As always, I'll keep you informed.

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