Tuesday 18 January 2011


Out now on DVD is this new slasher film to rival the Saw franchise. Yeah right, of course it will..
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A creepy hooded figure invades your home, ties up your parents and offers you a simple choice; which one dies? After a series of these murders, reporter Fiona Wagner (Katheryn Winnick) decides to investigate and find the killer, but when she starts to receive messages from the hooded assailant she realises she's closer to the story than she dare imagine.

Choose is very similar to recent Saw-lite attempts The Collector and 02:13 in its attempt to appeal to fans of that franchise, but it's not as good as either of those efforts, despite some grisly death scenes. Doesn't anyone just get stabbed anymore? Why do all the deaths have to have some sort of bitter irony behind them?

As for the lead role of Fiona, she's not the worst damsel in distress and they ably exploit her ample bosom at every given opportunity, but the character offers nothing new for modern audiences. She's essentially Sidney Prescott and Gail Weather rolled up into one, and as annoyingly gung-ho as that sounds. You get an e-mail from the killer asking you to meet up at a distant motel; why would you go?

It's another failed attempt at creating a new horror series as the format of Choose soon runs out of steam. Like some sort of demented Noel Edmonds crossed with Jigsaw, he's a fairly run of the mill bad guy with family issues. At times it seems like it could have been an unsuccessful script for Scream 2 or 3, but in 2011 I'm afraid this just won't cut it.

Choose is a fairly dull slasher film that offer some gore but zero scares, and the outcome is painfully obvious from the start. The next time you're in your local rental store and you see this on the shelf, do yourself a favour...choose something else.


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