Thursday 30 September 2010


If anticipation for the David Fincher's The Social Network wasn't already high enough (or at least I assume it is; I haven't really spoke to anyone about it), this Spanish poster has just added a completely new layer of enjoyment for me.

500 Million Amigos? Now there's an awesome idea for a sequel. Now, I know that little Mexican town did their best at the end of Three Amigos, but I think they're going to need a hell of a lot more black cloth and white piping this time.

Tuesday 28 September 2010

THE WALKING DEAD opening credits

Of all the great things that have happened in cinemas this year, none of them have made me anywhere near as excited as the prospect of the Walking Dead TV series. Based on the graphic novel series of the same name, it premieres in America on Halloween night and we should see it on FX a couple of weeks later. So far there's been a Comic-con teaser trailer released that explained the basic set up of the show (Zombies are eating people), but then this juicy little video found its way onto the net yesterday.

Surprisingly, this video is NOT real, and is just the work of a fantastically gifted animator. Now, I've not seen the real opening credits yet, but if I were the producers of the show, I'd ditch whatever I had lined up as an opening sequence and adopt this immediately. It may just be a fan video, but it's of such a high quality that I thought it must be the real deal as soon as I saw it. It's appreciative of the source material and style of animation, and tells you everything you need to know about the show in under a minute.

For more of Daniel Kanemoto's work, head over to his vimeo showreel here.


I was recently asked by Adam over at if I wanted to contribute to a series of David Lynch reviews he was putting together. It's all part of a grander scheme called CHRONOLYNCHICAL that aims to document David Lynch's filmography and perhaps re-appraise some of the films that may have been overshadowed by others. Of course I said yes to the offer, so click on the image below to read what my thoughts are about 1997's Lost Highway.

I recommend you check out the other articles too, as there's some interesting looks at other David Lynch oddities. Feel free to leave any comments or feedback at the bottom of the article.

Monday 27 September 2010


The new Nicolas Cage/Werner Herzog film is now out on DVD and Blu-Ray.
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Out now on DVD and Blu Ray is this documentary about the stand-up comedian, Bill Hicks.
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Friday 24 September 2010


The annual Sheffield horror film festival Celluloid Screams will be kicking off in exactly one months time, so here's a nice little teaser trailer that's been put together for the event. Even if you can't make it to the festival, the trailer's totally worth a watch.

Honestly, that's pretty much what Sheffield is like on a day to day basis. If you want to know about screenings for the festival that runs between 22-24 October, I suggest you check out for all the up to date information.

Thursday 23 September 2010


Out now on DVD is this French flick about a horde of inner-city zombies.
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Tuesday 21 September 2010

COP OUT DVD review

Out now on DVD and Blu-Ray is Kevin Smith's new comedy, Cop Out.
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Obscurity Files #24 - Blackout

Obscurity Files aims to put the spotlight onto a series of films that time and audiences have otherwise forgotten. With M Night Shyamalan's Devil currently in cinemas, I thought I'd take a look at another film set in an elevator. Today it's 2007's Blackout.
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Saturday 18 September 2010

TOP 5 - Saturday Night Live Stars

Will Ferrell's new movie The Other Guys is out in cinemas this weekend, and it got me thinking about the careers of other former Saturday Night Live stars. Keep reading to find out my TOP 5 former SNL stars who've managed to launch a successful film career.

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Thursday 16 September 2010


This Dakota Fanning/Kristen Stewart starring biopic is now in cinemas.
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Wednesday 15 September 2010


The intriguing Joaquin Phoenix documentary I'm Still Here gets a nationwide release in cinemas this Friday. Or does it?

I'm quite eager to see it but my local cinemas aren't showing it. I'm in Sheffield, a city that boasts three Multiplexes and with the Showroom, one highly regarded independent cinema. In fact, by my count there's at least 40 screens across Sheffield. Out of interest I visited to see if there were any screenings a bit further afield and...
Yes. I can choose to go to Liverpool, or I can go and watch it at one of the 11 cinemas in London that are showing it. That is not a nationwide release.

Tuesday 14 September 2010

PIRANHA 3D review

Yeah, it's been out for ages but I've just seen it. In glorious, gratuitous 3D no less.
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Now out on DVD and Blu-Ray is this Samuel L. Jackson starring thriller.
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Monday 13 September 2010

Obscurity Files #23 - Super Mario Bros

Obscurity Files aims to put the spotlight onto a series of films that time and audiences have otherwise forgotten. It's Mario's 25th birthday this week, so let's have a look back at the first time anyone tried to make a video-game movie. Today it's Super Mario Bros.
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By now you all should have watched Scott Pilgrim vs The World at the cinemas, and whilst I did feel a little bit let down by the film (I blame my anticipation levels going off the charts), it had an undeniably awesome soundtrack.
Well are doing an excellent offer this week where you can download the MP3 album for £5. Wave goodbye to tangibility and get with the 21st Century already!

Click this linkif you want to check out the offer on Amazon. The offer's only running until Thursday night so don't delay!

Wednesday 8 September 2010


This October might just be one of the best months for Blu-Ray releases yet, and almost certainly for Blu-Ray boxsets. Among the classics currently scheduled for release are...
Mercifully dropping the stupid Quadrilogy name and going for the much grander sounding Anthology, this bumper pack of Alien goodness should make its high-def debut on October 25th. and both have the price at £37.49, or there's a pretty cool (but expensive) special edition egg sculpture at for £89.99.

Also out on that day is probably the highlight of my year. Yes, on October 25th we finally get Back To The Future on Blu-Ray. Rumour has it that the new special features also includes some of the footage of Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly. Words cannot express my excitement for this. have this at £27.97 and have it at the marginally more expensive £27.99. There's also a tin on for £44.93 or on for £44.99. I ain't going to quibble over a few pennies, but I guarantee they would have sold more copies than the other if they'd ended the price in 88.

Depending on who you believe, this boxset is either out on the 25th as well (I hope not, that'd be a scheduling nightmare and murder on my bank balance), or more probably it's out on the 18th. I'll be honest, I'm not sure if I've ever seen Robocop 3, and I don't think it really matters. But I'm looking forward to seeing the first one again and the second one still has its charms. If only they included the first films' TV edit from the mid 90's, where they substituted all the fuck you's for forget you's and all the asshole's for airhead's, then for comedic value this would have been a must buy. have it for £17.99, which is loads better than's £26.99. Play have got the correct release date though, so I don't know. If ever there was a series of films that would be ideal for a special edition tin sleeve, it would be Robocop, but they've not bothered with that for some reason.

Oh, and these are all released after my birthday, but there's such a thing as a late present. I'll forgive you.

Monday 6 September 2010


Now on DVD is this Banksy produced documentary about the street art movement.
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Sunday 5 September 2010

Obscurity Files #22 - Wake Up, Ron Burgundy

Obscurity Files aims to put the spotlight onto a series of films that time and audiences have otherwise forgotten. With Steve Carell and Paul Rudd currently starring in the new comedy Dinner For Schmucks, I thought I'd take a look at them in the lost Anchorman story. Today it's Wake Up, Ron Burgundy.
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Tiger + Hurricane + trapped in a boarded up house = Bad Luck. Out now on DVD is Burning Bright.
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Saturday 4 September 2010

Let The Poster Campaign Begin

There's been some fuss over the remake of Let The Right One In. Did it really need remaking? Is it really acceptable to pander to audiences who can't be bothered to read subtitles? The makers of the remake Let Me In have said that they're taking it back to the source material and putting their own spin on things, but there's no way they can avoid comparisons with the Swedish original. I thought I'd take a look at the poster campaigns to see how they compare...
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Wednesday 1 September 2010


Out now on DVD is The Asylum's latest cheapo knock-off.
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