Thursday 6 January 2011

And the Oscar Goes To... Steve-O????!!!

Without a doubt the best film last year to feature someone getting slapped in the face by a giant hand, kudos to Johnny Knoxville et al for seeking the glory they so rightly deserve. You can just see them walking on stage to collect their Oscars now, Can't you? Can't you? The best thing about this Oscar campaign is how they've not bothered to put themselves forward for consideration in the Best Documentary category, the one place where I think they had a chance of a nomination (a very small chance yes, but it could happen).

If only Simon Cowell owned the Oscars too, there'd be a facebook group right now, determined to spoil his fun by having Jackass 3D take home Best Picture. But seeing as that's not the case (yet), I think it may end up being a fruitless campaign.

Methinks the Oscar voters aren't too keen on Poo Volcanoes.

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