Saturday 22 January 2011

SCREAM 4 trailer review

Now officially available to view after the leaked copy was removed from the internet by the movie police, this new trailer gives us clues to how they're going to reincarnate Ghostface and the Scream franchise.

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This new trailer gives us a closer look at the newer cast members, and hints at ways in which they'll be connected to Sidney, Gail and Deputy Dewey. In place of Jamie Kennedy's Randy, we now have the youngest Culkin and his friend to give us the updated rules (you'd think if you had lived through three instances of horror film related attacks that Sid, Gail and Dewey would keep up to date with the modern trends). I'm guessing that as they all appear to spend a lot of time on the phone, it's also going to feature an array of annoying ringtones.

This is purely speculative, but I still think the odds are that one of the original cast members will be offed in one of the early scenes. At first I thought it would be Gail (partially because the working environment with Arquette must have been a tad awkward, so I assumed her role would be a cameo), but now I'm not so sure about Sid. What does she actually do in this trailer? She has one line of dialogue in an exposition heavy trailer.

It's still not showing me anything original, and if you take away the geeky headset that kid has, this could have been made right after the third film. That's not a good thing. Yes, it may look the same and sound the same as the original slasher trilogy, but times have moved on and so have audiences. Bless it, but the last time I saw Scream I though it was a little bit twee in comparison to modern horror films. Here's hoping the 15th anniversary of the Woodsboro massacre ups the ante more than it appears here.

I do like the part where Hayden Panettierre reels off a list of mostly crappy remakes that wouldn't have come about if it weren't for the original Scream, although despite the franchise's post modern pedigree I'm not to sure they've noticed the irony in that. As for the title, I'm still not keen on SCRE4M. If they're going to keep it like that I'm calling the film Screfourm.

Tell your friends. It's Screfourm now.

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