Thursday 22 July 2010

What's All This About Then?

For some reason Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald have teamed up to create this YouTube documentary, made for us, by us. All you have to do is upload some footage from July 24th onto YouTube and it might end up part of a big massive 'proper' documentary.

And I don't really see the point. YouTube works best when it's a small clip you're watching, that's why viral videos work so well. I don't really see why sticking them all together to make one big film would be a good idea. They'll only use the clips that are entertaining and not show the boring, ordinary parts like riding the bus or eating a pasty from Greggs.

So if you've got bugger all to do on Saturday you could film a snippet of your own mundane life for others to see (except they probably won't), and apparently you'll be credited as a co-director (not really).

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