Sunday 18 July 2010

Anchorman: The Legendary Voice of Ron Burgundy

You may have heard that Paramount passed on making an Anchorman sequel a couple of months back. Ludicrous, I know. Adam McKay's being doing some press rounds this week for something else, but offered an interesting tidbit of what the film could have been. It could have been a MUSICAL.

As to why Paramount passed on such an interesting project... who can say. What I will say is that I can't believe they'd pass on the chance to listen to more beautiful music from these guys. Here's an example.

I think Adam McKay should seriously consider some cheaper options for making the film. I've managed to find these genius little videos that offer two perfectly feasible options for a cheaper sequel.

Problem solved.

Thanks to Youtube users Pedro Monscooch and stevefalz for the use of their videos.

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