Saturday 3 July 2010


I just received an earth shattering email, the contents of which will change my life forever.

OMG! Even though it bears little to no cultural relevance to this country, it looks great! When's it out?

LOL! Oh, I'm not sure I can wait that long... Who's in it?

MEGALOLZ! There's Jane Lynch! Her and Michael Keaton look like they're doing the Timewarp or some shit! And who's the hilariously clingy kid?

ROFL! Even though it probably bears no similarity, they've chosen to use a photo of Sue Sylvester from Glee as the primary selling point of this movie! Maybe they should repackage all of her previous work that way to try and sell more copies!

How's about...
Or maybe...

No, in fact, that's a stupid idea. Why not just admit that Post-Grad looks crap?

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