Wednesday 28 July 2010

SLACKER trailer review

Trailers are an important tool in building buzz and anticipation for films. A good trailer can sell a bad movie, a bad trailer can kill a good movie. Here we try and tell the difference between the two and pick out the most anticipated new films.
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There's been a few trailers this week that were shown at San Diego Comic Con at the weekend. A lot of them (like this one) are REALLY short. Still, I'd say that you get the basic premise here; man goes out for revenge against the men who killed his daughter and stole her baby. Simple enough stuff. So why does it need to be in 3D? This is a B-movie by anyones standard and this trailer shows nothing that would require 3D. At least it was shot in 3D. I do like that films have started to use this as a selling point against those that have been upconverted into 3D. Hopefully it'll kill off that practise before it becomes the norm.
Due February 2011
Anticipation Level


Here's another of the Comic Con trailers to surface this week. The Goon is based on a comic of the same name, and despite the fact I've never heard of it before, this looks pretty awesome. The animation looks comical but impressive, and there's some good voice acting by Paul Giamatti. It doesn't really introduce the Goon character that much, but anything set in a Zombie apocalypse gets my vote.
Due Late 2010
Anticipation Level


Basically it's Girl, Interrupted meets Kill Bill, but something about this just isn't sitting right with me. It looks like Zack Snyder is attempting to make his own chop sockey style opus, and while there's nothing wrong with that per se, it all looks a little bit off. There is some impressive visuals on show, but I can't see how dragons can make their way into the story. It still looks okay, but I think I'll need another trailer that fleshes out the story before I'm convinced.
Due March 2011
Anticipation Level


The first Pirates was great fun; the second and third films... notsomuch. At least they've learnt a few lessons and cut the dead weight of Keira Knightley and Orlando Bloom. It's Jack Sparrow people are paying to see, so why not plonk him front and centre and make him dance for us? This is a bit of a weird trailer, apparently filmed during a tea break. Obviously the Pirates movies are quite effects heavy, but have they really got no footage to show us for a film that's out in less than a year? Didn't like him breaking the fourth wall and referring to Penelope Cruz either. I will say though, I'm willing to give this franchise another chance when this installment gets released next year.
Due May 2011
Anticipation Level


This must be the first of the expected oncoming wave of films inspired by District 9. I suppose it's quite effective in getting you anxious to see what you can't see, but to be honest, I was a little confused about where we were and what was going on. For a film called Monsters this trailer doesn't deliver what I'd have hoped. Something certainly sounded quite nasty, and maybe we'll get to see more before the film gets released.
Due October 2010
Anticipation Level


This is the red band trailer for the (unnecessary) remake of Let The Right One In, and it's a thousand times better than the EMO infused first trailer. You do get a batter sense of the characters this time, and get to see more of Elias Koteas which is always a good thing. It is shaping up to be exactly the same film as the original, but with less reading. I get why people hate americanised remakes, but as long as it sends more people towards watching the original, I'll be happy. I'm definitely curious to see how this turns out. This trailer does give away a little too much at the end though.
Due October 2010
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