Thursday 8 July 2010

Films I Don't Want To See

If someone held you at gunpoint and said you had to watch one of these three movies, which one would you choose?

Ha ha! Trick question...

Those classy bastards at Asylum have done it again, creating a film based on Edgar Wright Burroughs' John Carter of Mars. Titled Princess of Mars in the US but with an attempt to link it to Avatar with a box quote, they decided to go the whole hog and change the title to Avatar From Mars for its UK release. Look! They've just coloured the original cover in blue! They've even used the same font!

However, they must have decided that was one step too far (or more likely were threatened with a lawsuit), and so now we've ending up with a new title, the dull sounding THE MARTIAN COLONY WARS.

Either way this film looks crap, and as it's made by the Asylum...

It will be crap.

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