Monday 5 July 2010


Slacker on DVD's is a round-up of this weeks most notable releases on DVD and Blu-Ray, along with some of the less notable ones too.

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Hello loyal readers! I've come to the conclusion that doing these DVD reviews isn't necessarily the best thing for my blog. You'll all start to see a few changes on the blog over the next few weeks, the first of which is that I'm going to change the way I review DVD's.

I'm not just going to do a review of everything that's out that week, but will continue to review films that are relevant for what I hope to achieve with Slacker Cinema. I'm going to go into further detail about the quality of the films I do review and hopefully be able to show you the best place to buy them.

What's spurred me to do this you may ask? Well, I've been watching some terrible films that have no interest to anyone. If it was worth the time invested to keep reviewing them I would, but it's really not worth my time when I could be writing some articles that would be of more interest to more people.

Saying that though, here's a little look at the crap films that are out tomorrow. First off it's...


The true story of a dog who gets adopted by a kindly family. A deep bond grows and we learn about the triumphs of the human and canine spirit. Oh god this looks boring. Go on, have a closer look at Richard Gere's face.

Smug, isn't it. But what's the name of his character?

Oh god. What do the BBFC have to say about this film?

I dispute that. But what else is out today?


A film that was originally made in 2007, but took nearly 3 years to arrive in cinemas, this has been sold as a kiddy friendly version of Avatar. The best quote they have on the box says just as much.

Yeah, that's a snappy soundbite, but wasn't Avatar basically animated? Those weren't people in suits were they? The only thing that could sell this to me now is a powerful tagline.

Well we're fucked then.

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