Monday 26 July 2010

Cruisin' For a Struzan

I think I've found a new personal goal in life. You can keep your Oscars... Put away your trips to the Moon... I want to own a piece of art by Drew Struzan.
If you're a child of the 80's you'll have definitely seen one of his illustrated film poster works, with Back To The Future and Indiana Jones being perhaps the most famous images, but now that I've visited his website at, I want a poster. In fact I want them all. Hit the jump for some more examples of his brilliance.

Drew Struzan's website is loaded with all the awesome film posters you remember from your childhood, along with a bunch of posters for films that frankly, I've never heard of. Some of these you might recognise from the beginning of The Mist, as they were featured as works of the main character there. These really are amazing works, hence the hefty price tags for the print.

If you want 1982's The Thing it'll set you back around $90,000.

How's about 1987's Batteries Not Included? That's $120,000.

Or maybe Harry and the Hendersons from 1986? $90,000 please.

Police Academy 4: Citizens On Patrol will cost you $100,000. Be honest, it's your favourite.

If you're a Back To The Future fan like me there's a few interesting alternate poster designs that have never been used. This is a much more affordable $15,000. But the next posters are perhaps the best of the collection...

In a very astute but slightly annoying business move, you can't buy the separate films, only the threesome. These bad boys will set you back a cool $450,000 for all three posters. Let me say that again for you....
To my mind that's totally worth it. I've already started saving. If only I had a Sports Almanac and a kind but crazy inventor as a friend...

Oh, and a time machine. Don't forget the time machine.

I recommend everybody visits to check out all the posters on display. They're incredible.

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