Sunday 22 January 2012

Jeff Who Lives At Home Trailer

The latest film from the indie film geniuses that are the Duplass brothers (The Puffy Chair, Baghead and most recently, Cyrus), the first trailer for Jeff Who Lives At Home has just hit the net. Check it out, next...

After making their names with small, personal films that starred them and their friends, there was a worry that Cyrus (a film with recognisable actors whose name could be put on a marquee) would signal the end of their style of filmmaking. The unlikely kings of Mumblecore, the Duplass brothers have instead managed to merge their sensibilities with those of the more business headed side of the industry. It's not so much a case of Mumblecore going to Hollywood, as Hollywood catching up with them.

As they take another step towards the mainstream, the mumblecore moguls are going the correct route by working with smart people and interesting collaborators. Jeff Who Lives At Home seems like the same kind of film the Duplass's would have made five years ago, except instead of Mark Duplass taking on a starring role we've got Jason Segel as his proxy. With his dishevelled appearance and hoody, there's a striking similarity between the two men. This trailer has me excited, even if it perhaps shows a bit too much of the story. It looks like Segel and Helms bounce off each other very well, and they're both two comic actors who I'd like to see more of on the big screen.

Also, I'm a sucker for a film about a layabout man-child. Goodness knows why.

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