Thursday 3 March 2011

RUBBER Red Band trailer review

Not to be confused with a bog standard red rubber band (that would be a stupid basis for a film), this updated trailer for the killer tyre movie Rubber has just been released. You might have to put in a fake birth date to 'prove' you're over 18, but it should play after that.

Continuing the madness we saw in the first trailer, this new Red Band (read - naughty) trailer shows us less of the story but more of the head popping explosions. Oh, and a scene of Robert the Rubber Tyre quietly enjoying the NASCAR race on TV.

It's fair to say that this film looks completely mental, but is clearly having some fun with its ridiculous concept. I've never really given much though into what the life long dreams of an inanimate object would be before, but I think things are going to change from now on. Or at least just enough so my head doesn't get exploded against my will. I'm sure there's a parable for man's mundane existence in there somewhere, but for the most part it seems like a tyre rolling around and killing people with his telekinetic powers. I for one am sold.

For those who are eager to check it out it's arriving on UK Blu-Ray and DVD on the 11th April, though it's possible it may have a short cinematic run if we're lucky. It'll still be an awesome film to discover on home format, so you can recommend it to your friends and let word of mouth give it some momentum.

UPDATED: Yes, it's showing in 3 places before its disc release and for once, they're not all in London.

Saturday 26th March

Flatpack Festival @ Electric, Birmingham
Tuesday 5th April
Celluloid Screams presents @ Sheffield Showroom Cinema
Friday 8th April
Midnight Movies presents @ The Ritzy, Brixton

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