Tuesday 8 March 2011

SUPER trailer review

Here's the trailer for the latest homemade Superhero movie, Super. Let's not automatically jump to the conclusion that it's a rip off of Kick-Ass, and watch the trailer next...

Well it does looks very Kick-Ass like, but with its older male lead probably shares more in common with the Woody Harrelson starring Defendor. Nowadays it seems like the answer to emotional impotency is to stick on some tights and head to the streets, which The Office's Rainn Wilson does here with some gusto. You know you've got a winning trailer in front of you when you can cut together the good advice of "don't steal... don't do drugs... don't molest kids".

Rainn Wilson is a great TV actor, but I'd never expect him to become a breakout movie star in the same way as his Office cast-mate Steve Carell. To be honest, Super doesn't seem to be aiming for that anyway; this is a cult movie designed to be a cult movie. Director James Gunn cut his teeth working for the uber independent film production company Troma, and there's some of their stylings present here. If anyone saw Gunn's directorial debut Slither, you'll probably agree that he created a suitably vile monster movie with geeky undertones on a miniscule budget. I think he'll also be able to deliver the goods here, but it's a shame Super will be overshadowed by those similar comic book style films that have come before it.

Personally, I didn't think Kick-Ass was all it was cracked up to be. Sure, I had a good time watching it, but it was far from the re-invention of the Superhero genre people were claiming it to be. I'll agree that there appears to be some clones cropping up, but along with Defendor, Super was in production before Kick-Ass ever graced our cinema screens. This appears much more my style, but I doubt we'll ever get to see it in cinemas on this side of the pond. It'll have a small run stateside courtesy of IFC, but I'll be surprised if my first viewing of this film isn't on DVD in about 6 months time. Having said that, Rainn Wilson's last starring role was in The Rocker, and that managed a brief theatrical run if you were quick enough to see it.

There's some bankable film stars in the mix, and having Ellen Page appear won't hurt Super's indie film credentials. She and Rainn Wilson seem to humourously spar well together as the vigilante and sidekick. Liv Tyler's in there somewhere, but doesn't appear to contribute much in the trailer apart from being the catalyst for Wilson donning the mask of The Crimson Bolt. Along with X-Men: First Class, this is also one of two movies this year that will feature Kevin Bacon facing off against a Superhero.

To me Super looks like a potentially hilarious indie comedy with some Superhero elements thrown in; oh, and a bit of violence and bad language too. I hope it does reach our cinema screens eventually, but as usual that all depends on how well it performs in the US. It could conceivably become a breakout hit.

Due April 1st (US)
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