Monday 14 March 2011

JACKASS 3D Blu-Ray review

Out now on DVD and Blu-Ray is the latest cavalcade of buffoonery from the Jackass crew. Watch the trailer and read my review, next...

Ahh, Jackass. There's something reassuringly laugh out loud brilliant about seeing this bunch of idiots get smacked in the mouth. Juvenile it may be, but it's an undeniably joyous experience to witness their tomfoolery, even after all these years. Amazingly, none of the original crew have ended up dead yet, but they're also clearly not quite the same rambunctious people they were when they started doing this schtick.

Take for example the skit where (spoiler) Steve-O's about to have a baseball whacked into his genitals. Well aware of what's expected of him, he lets out a brief cry of "Why'd I have to be Steve-O?" before breathing deeply and taking the hit. These boys have become broken down and battered men, and even the Hollywood movie star among them (Johnny Knoxville) is started to look a bit heavy around the eyes now. Watching as a naked Steve-O sheepishly picks up his clothing after being shot by a farting man's dart gun may seem a little sad, but I doubt he'd have it any other way.

Not over reliant on the 3D gimmick, the film makes creative use of super slow-motion cameras to really highlight the damage they do to each others faces. Whether being slapped with a fish or drop-kicked in the jaw, we get to see every potentially scarring ripple of flesh. At times it impresses with its simplicity (watching a shuddering Danger Ehren try to pin the tail on a Donkey) and at times it can be stomach-churning with its disgustingness (the poo cocktail supreme is rank. There's an overall sense of inevitability that's unavoidable... sooner or later, someone's going to vomit again.

The explosive extended edition (featuring even more groin based trauma) still comes with an introduction by Beavis and Butthead explaining the principles of 3D, despite the film being in regular old 2D when purchased on DVD. Confusingly, the Blu-Ray version is also in regular 2D, but comes with a 3D DVD as part of the package. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of fun parts that made fantastic use of the 3D cameras (it may well be the best and most effortless use of 3D technology so far); but it's still an absolute joy in two dimensions. When you're watching a fat man create a sweat suit cocktail, you're being given all the information you need.

I'm sure the amount of enjoyment people (including me) get from this carnival freak-show may say something about 21st Century society; but really, who cares? It's a dumb, idiotic hodge-podge of a movie that by rights should have never had the chance to grace our multiplexes. It's also a consistently hilarious and nauseatingly vile film that I enjoyed immensely. Even re-watching it at home, I can't think of another film this year that has made me laugh so much.

The film closes with a grand, explosive finale and what could be a final goodbye from the Jackass crew, but I'd fully welcome the return of them to the big screen. Hey, maybe next time they could attempt a 4D picture with scratch and sniff cards handed out? On second thoughts, maybe not.


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