Saturday 12 March 2011

Super Smashing Gr-8

Today has seen the release of the above teaser poster for JJ Abrams' forthcoming Alien drama Super 8, as well as the first substantial trailer. Whilst the poster might not reveal too much about the film's story, it's a really cool, not to mention gorgeous image. From the tilted silhouette that runs down the side of the poster we can just about make out an average small town skyline and the outlines of the five central characters. I'd hazard a guess that the town's water tower/shining beacon will play an important part in the final film, but we'll have to wait until June to see if I'm right or not.

Following the curvature of the silhouette, the rest of the frame is overtook by the ominous dark clouds which make a surprisingly effective stand-in for the surface of a planet. The upwards horizon is where the two worlds meet and where the story takes place; simple really. To where this side of the poster is alluding to we can't quite by sure yet (it looks like the Moon to me), but it's definitely otherworld-y and not our planet.

As for the trailer, it gives us a better idea of the relationships between the main characters, and with its amateur filmmaking story includes the reason behind the odd title. The setting, characters and music all feel very Spielbergian, and although there's not an awful lot of JJ Abrams immediately shining through he's still a rookie filmmaker, albeit one with quite an assured sense of story and character development. A powerhouse producer JJ Abrams may be, but if he's looking for some directorial guidance he couldn't be in better hands than Steven Spielberg.

There's something oddly nostalgic and reassuring about seeing the old Amblin Entertainment logo, and with the expertise of both men put together I think we're in for a fantastic film. I think they've got the marketing for this film absolutely spot on so far (going right back to the original teaser with its cryptic hidden message), and this new poster and trailer have got me really excited about the final outcome. Please God, let this be amazing.

Due June 10th
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