Friday 30 April 2010

THOR! Huuh! What is it good for?

Well, good old Iron Man hit Cinemas across most of the world today (sorry USA, you only made the film), and it's led to a bunch of new Superhero movie news.
First up we got the first Official image of Thor. No real surprise here; it's another Marvel property and i'm sure they'd like to create as many associations between it and Iron Man as possible.

The suit's a bit odd looking (a bit plasticky and there's no sight of his hammer or helmet), and the photo doesn't give an awful lot away, but we'll no doubt get more from the set as filming progresses.

Also, not to be outdone, Warner Bros and DC have announced a release date for the as yet untitled third Batman film. IMAX kind of gave a hint of an upcoming announcement when they mentioned a third Batman film in their new Warner Bros screening deal, but nothing was set in stone, until now. The release date is going to be...

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