Thursday 15 April 2010

SLACKER Trailer Review

Trailers are an important tool in building buzz and anticipation for films. A good trailer can sell a bad movie, a bad trailer can kill a good movie. Here we try and tell the difference between the two and pick out the most anticipated new films.
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After making a mint at the box office the first time around, it unfortunately looks like Carrie and friends are back. I'll admit that from what i saw of the TV show, it did have it's moments, but really, the first film did absolutely nothing for me. Agreed, i'm not their target audience but there's a planet load of husbands and boyfriends who are going to be forced to sit through this when it hits cinemas. Looks like this time Carrie and co are swanning off to Abu Dhabi because living in the best city in the world just isn't good enough for them. I really hope the Alicia Keys song from the trailer won't be in the movie, because come the end of May it will definitely be the most overplayed song of the year.
Due May 28th
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Anyone who saw the Happening will tell you that Mark Wahlberg knows how to do comedy, and this looks like the film that will provide a career resurgence for both him and Will Ferrell, who's also coming off a big flop with Land of the Lost. This trailer starts well, with the fake set up of Dwayne Johnson and Samuel L Jackson before switching to the buffoonery of Wahlberg and Ferrell. The presence of Steve Coogan and Michael Keaton only cements my desire to watch this further and the explosion gag at the end sets up the tone brilliantly.
due September 2nd
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Here's another unconventional family story that looks pretty similar to other movies but with a new twist. Can two kids connect with the sperm donor for a couple of lesbians? Technically their father, can he slip into that role? This seems a bit similar to the Jennifer Aniston/Jason Bateman comedy The Switch, but with a bit more emphasis on the family. Having Madness on the trailer soundtrack seems like a bit of a miss-sell to me but i suppose time will tell.
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This trailer provides us with a curious look at Ryan Reynolds in potential superhero mode. Obviously, this isn't a big actioner and more of a low key indie film, but that's not what's going to draw attention to this movie. Jeff Daniels seems to operating as a slightly more goofy version of his Squid and the Whale character, with writers block leading to the appearance of his imaginary friend (Reynolds in an eye-searingly bright costume), with Emma Stone as the young ingenue who's going to help him get out of his funk. I'll be honest, this looks like a fun enjoyable indie, the type of which never makes it to Cinemas this side of the pond.
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