Tuesday 6 April 2010


They say you need to have goals in life and mine is to complete the iMDb top 250. I printed the list out a few years ago and began checking them off one by one. Over the years this list has got lost a couple of times, resulting in my inability to remember whether i've watched a certain movie or not (I don't usually forget if i've seen a film but i didn't NEED to remember, i had it written down!) When i later find the list again i'm often surprised to find films checked off. Well now my worries are over as someone's going to keep my completed list in a safe place on the internet. iCheckMovies.com has numerous lists that are constantly updating and cross-referencing themselves meaning you're completing one list whilst filling in another!

It's good to know how many of Roger Ebert's favourite films i've seen and how many of those are included in the BFI or AFI's top 100 lists. Only problem is i've got less than 75 to go before i complete my top 250, then i'm going to have to complete all the other lists. Check it out.

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