Saturday 17 April 2010

Britain's Got Talent?

Britain's Got Talent is back and got a stranglehold on Saturday nights for the next month or so. Here's a list of things you could watch in that time...
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TitleRunning TimeYear Released
Berlin Alexanderplatz931 min (15 hr).1980
Resan (The Journey)873 min (14 hr).1987
Out 1 (Noli me tangere)773 min (13 hr).1971
How Yukong Moved the Mountains763 min (13 hr).1977
Evolution of a Filipino Family643 min (11 hr).2004
Shoah566 min (9 hr).1985
Tie Xi Qu: West of the Tracks556 min (9 hr).2003
Death in the Land of the Encantos540 min (9 hr).2007
Heremias Book One: The Legend of the Lizard Princess540 min (9 hr).2006
Taiga501 min (8 hr).1992
Liberation487 min (8 hr).1969
War and Peace484 min (8 hr).1968
Melancholia480 min (8 hr).2008
The Photo-Drama of Creation480 min (8 hr).1914
Imitation of Christ480 min (8 hr).1967
El Protegido de Satán480 min (8 hr).1917
Mefisto460 min (8 hr).1917
Satantango450 min (8 hr).1994
Hitler: A Film from Germany442 min (7 hr).1978
Arshin Mal Alan420 min (7 hr).1916
The Satin Slipper410 min (7 hr).1985
The Best of Youth400 min (7 hr).2003
Bábolna400 min (7 hr).1985
I, Paisan392 min (7 hr).1967
Parisette380 min (6 hr).1921
Babel - A Letter to My Friends Left Behind in Belgium380 min (6 hr).1991
The Stand366 min (6 hr).1994
La Révolution française360 min (6 hr).1989
Little Dorrit360 min (6 hr).1988
Bevezetés a filmkészítés rejtelmeibe360 min (6 hr).1996
Les Miserables359 min (6 hr).1925
The Fight for Moscow358 min (6 hr).1985
Near Death358 min (6 hr).1989
Fragments: Jerusalem358 min (6 hr).1997
La Commune (Paris, 1871)345 min (6 hr).2000
And Quiet Flows the Don340 min (6 hr).1957-1958
Perón, sinfonía del sentimiento340 min (6 hr).1999
L'idole des jeunes338 min (6 hr).1976
Vkus khleba336 min (6 hr).1979
Napoléon330 min (6 hr).1927
Yoman330 min (6 hr).1983
Mahatma: Life of Gandhi, 1869-1948330 min (6 hr).1968
Spiritual Voices328 min (5 hr).1995
Vindicta320 min (5 hr).1923
Cleopatra320 min (5 hr).1963
As I Was Moving Ahead Occasionally I Saw Brief Glimpses of Beauty320 min (5 hr).2000
1900318 min (5 hr).1976
Tsahal316 min (5 hr).1994
The Deluge316 min (5 hr).1974
Batang West Side315 min (5 hr).2002
Fanny and Alexander312 min (5 hr).1983
Nightmare312 min (5 hr).1972
Legend About Thiel311 min (5 hr).1976
Les Misérables305 min (5 hr).1934
The Confessions of Winifred Wagner
I won't judge you either way, just letting you know there's always options.
302 min (5 hr).1975

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