Friday 17 February 2012

Things I Learnt From The Poster For Mel Gibson's How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Mel Gibson, bless him. He doesn't let the odd scandal slow him down, does he? The poster for his latest comeback effort, titled How I Spent My Summer Vacation, has just been released and offers us some all important clues as to what to expect, apart from the fact that Mel seems to have forgotten how to fire a gun or button a shirt up properly.

Well, that's Mel Gibson then, isn't it? A quick glance at the director reveals it to be Adrian Grunberg, a former second unit director on Apocalypto and Edge of Darkness, making his debut feature here. I'm sure Mel won't have interfered in any way and let Mr Grunberg do the job exactly how he wanted to, as multi-millionaire actors with producing and scriptwriting credits often do. As for the rather cumbersome title, you may have seen it used before for this 1997 romantic comedy.
Something tells me that isn't how Mel spent his summer vacation. A visit to IMDb reveals that the original title of this film is Get The Gringo, which is the sort of casually threatening racial slur that only Mel "Sugar Tits" Gibson could get away with. Well, maybe not any more. Still going with Get The Gringo in the States, where the film is rumoured to be going straight to DVD, us lucky Brits get to see it theatrically, apparently thanks to a complete miscomprehension that word of Mel's recent indiscretions didn't make to this side of the pond. The last crucial bit of information the poster gives about the film comes from the ever handy BBFC certification, along with a breakdown of what the film contains.

And that's just Mel's outtakes! I'm joking, obviously. Good to have you back Mel, try to be a good boy, eh?

How I Spent My Summer Vacation should be in cinemas May 11, unless someone says something stupid between now and then.

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