Tuesday 14 February 2012

Not To Be Confused With... #6

Hmm, I wonder which one is the cinema release with recognisable movie star voices in it, and which one is the hastily repackaged and retitled film being released on DVD days earlier to try and trick unsuspecting idiots into picking it up whilst they're whizzing around Tesco? If you need me to tell you which is the correct answer you're in the wrong place.

I'm sure the irony of them calling their next film The Pirates, only to have the title stolen by someone else at the last minute isn't lost on Aardman. Anyway, you've got to admire a film that's called Pirates but features no actual pirates on the cover, instead focusing on a rather dishevelled looking ship and a clunker of a tagline that needs two exclamation points to liven it up a bit. The reason why there's no pirates on the cover is probably because after a little bit of online research (thanks IMDb), I discovered that the original cover for Pirates, or should I say the 2001 German animation The Pirates of Tortuga: Under the Black Flag, looks a little something like this...

I don't know what the guy on the left is so happy about, given that his ship's mostly underwater.

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