Wednesday 1 February 2012


You have to admire the sheer filmmaking prowess of French director/producer supremo Luc Besson. A lot of the films he produces tend to not be the most original in terms of story, but they've always got that extra bit of oomph that pushes the films dangerously close to ridiculousness. Not sure what I mean? Well, it's quite obvious that this film is just Escape From New York but set in space, even down to the saving of the President's daughter as Guy Pearce's all important reason for being there. He's Snake Plissken without the eye-patch.

Written by Luc Besson along with co-directors James Mather and Stephen St Ledger, kudos to whichever one of them came up with the line, "there's only one man who can get her out. He's the best there is but he's a loose cannon". That's pure action movie brilliance. Despite its clear 'borrowing' from other films, there's one aspect of this film that will guarantee me watching it; the casting of Misfits' Joe Gilgun as the villain. Looking like an outer space crack addict, he's sure to be great value, whatever the quality of the finished product. With his Scottish accent and rough demeanour he looks as menacing as Robert Carlyle in Trainspotting. Space Begbie, you might call him.

There's still some confusion as to what the film's actually called as although the trailer says Lockout, IMDb and other sites are going with the slightly harder to say but more memorable MS One: Maximum Security. If they're still undecided I'm going to put my suggestion forward...


  1. Space Begbie! I love it. He shall now be known as that.

  2. Space Begbie! I love it. He shall now be known as that.