Thursday 3 February 2011

WIN WIN trailer review

A film about a high school wrestling team from the director of The Station Agent and The Visitor?

Here's the trailer for Thomas McCarthy's new film, Win Win.

Win Win is the new film from sometimes actor, sometimes director Thomas McCarthy. I loved his two previous directorial efforts The Station Agent and The Visitor, and Win Win doesn't seem to be drifting too far from the successful formula he used there. An outsider arrives to shake up the apathetic life of one of our main characters, leading to soul searching and the finding of common ground and shared experiences. I'm not trying to boil McCarthy's films away into nothing; I'm just saying that there's some common themes on display that plant this firmly into the modern American Indie genre.

Paul Giamatti is fast becoming one of the greatest on screen 'everymen' we have, with a permanently downtrodden expression for everything he does. If they ever do a live action version if Droopy Dog, we've got our man. Honestly, just give him dog ears and he's good to go. Giamatti's not the first person I'd think of when casting a high school wrestling coach, but as a middle aged man trying to balance his home life with his failing work life, as well as help the potential juvenile delinquent who's on his doorstep, he's pretty perfect casting. The presence of Amy Ryan can only be a good thing too, as she's more than capable of mixing the dramatic with the comedic.

As the saying goes, all the best sports movies aren't really about sports, so let's go right ahead and add Win Win to that category. The whole film looks suitably life affirming, and I'd put money on Paul Giamatti and Amy Ryan putting in award worthy performances.

Count me in.

Due Late 2011
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