Tuesday 1 February 2011

UNKNOWN trailer review

Who doesn't love Liam Neeson? I know I do.

Check out the trailer for his upcoming thriller, Unknown, next...

Despite being sold in the posters as a Taken style thriller, Unknown has surprised me by actually being a much different animal. Landing somewhere between The Fugitive and The Net, it looks like good old Liam Neeson's gone and got himself a bit confused. You've got to love a film that has two men claiming to be the same person, but one of them is wearing a helpful name badge, so wins the argument. There's not much arguing with that, really.

Starting with the car crash that leads to his identity crisis (a la Vanilla Sky), this European city based thriller looks like another cat and mouse chase film, although Neeson's not sure if he's the cat or the mouse. There was a fair amount of action on show in this short trailer, but interestingly I didn't see Liam Neeson holding a gun once, despite him doing so in every poster released so far. I'm not saying the posters are lying, but I do think they're miss-selling the film somewhat.

What we have here is Liam Neeson trapped in some sort of North by Northwest/Bourne Identity style thriller, and despite my initial reservations, looks like it might be quite interesting.

Due February 25th
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