Tuesday 15 February 2011

"Cause You're Amazing, Just The Way You Are"

Filming is now well under way on the new Spider-Man film, so Sony have been nice by giving us some more info and releasing a new image of Andrew Garfield in full costume as everyone's favourite arachnid based Superhero. Check it out, next...

Despite being all shadowy, it's a nice image of the character that shows off his home-made web-slingers, and some of the new detail the suit's been given. The contrasting colours seem to be a lot more shaded and although the suit looks like it has the texture of a dodgeball, I do like it. Having said that, the lattice detail on the mask makes me think of Hellraiser's Pinhead for some reason.

The update has also gone and got itself a new title, the rather obvious and not at all unexpected Amazing Spider-Man. It's a popular and classic addition to the title, but if the film turns out to be anything less than Amazing with a capital A, it's going to be lazy journalist heaven. Just in case they were looking for any alternatives as a back-up, I got in touch with the head honchos at Sony, but they rejected all of my suggestions for being too brilliant...

I also suggested that as they're bringing back all these retro elements of the character by giving him mechanical web slinger and stuff, they could do a lot worse than re-using the old 1970's TV theme tune. I reckon they might actually go for it, because frankly... It's A-MA-ZING.

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  1. Yeah, you're aware the original title for Spider-Man 2 was "The Amazing Spider-Man", right?