Friday 29 October 2010


The new Tony Scott film Unstoppable is out soon. It looks like Tony's got his hands on the script for an Asylum-type knock off of Speed, and is dragging Denzel Washington along for the ride again.

It's a nice poster I suppose, but it doesn't really hammer home the idea of a big ass train that's unable to stop. It's more about Denzel's gaze and Chris Pine's designer stubble. Maybe the German's can do a better job...

Blam!! That's a bit more like it! The train is almost literally coming out of the poster. Now, my GCSE German may be a little bit rusty, but I think 'Kino' means 'cinema' and 'Ausser Kontrolle' probably means 'Out of control'.

Hmmm... Out Of Control. That's got to have been used as the German title for a Hollywood action extravaganza before, surely? Oh it has! Which one, dare I ask?

Oh dear. That can't be a good sign.

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