Saturday 23 October 2010


Out in cinemas this weekend is the new film Carlos.
An epic tale of the notorious revolutionary Carlos The Jackal, it comes in two different versions; the original uncut version that clocks in at just short of 6 hours, and a trimmed down 2 1/2 hour version. Y'know, for wimps.

Ordinarily I'd always recommend that people view things cinematically, but even I'm put off by that 6 hour running time. It was originally meant to be a TV mini-series, so watching it at home isn't the worst crime ever. Added to the fact that no cinemas near me are daring to show it, I've not got much choice really.
Carlos arrives on DVD on November 1st, so you can watch it at home in all its glory... and make cups of tea, have bathroom breaks and wear pyjamas if you want too.

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