Thursday 21 October 2010

Let The Right Cover Win

The release of Let The Right One In's remake Let Me In is now imminent, so we've been treated to the inevitable re-release of the original film on DVD. Why a film that only got released on DVD 14 months ago needs a re-release, I don't know. Well actually, of course I know.
The blood letting scene depicted on the cover definitely happened in the original film, but it's not exactly the first image I think of from the swedish vampire movie. This cover doesn't look like any of the marketing materials used for the original, but what it does look a bit like is the posters for the new one. I can just see it now...
"Hey Ma! We dont hav to go see that nuw vampire film at the sinemer. HMV hav got it fur a fiva!"

This release strategy happens all the time, recent examples being the original Clash Of The Titans and Inglorious Bastards (correct spelling) suddenly appearing on shelves when the new version is at the cinemas. You may think I'm being a bit cynical about the timing but trust me, I work in entertainment retail. They want stupid people to think it's the new one.

In a way, I'm all for this. I don't mind the existence of the remake, but the more people who watch the original, the better. I was a fan of the original film, and from what I've heard the remake is pretty good too, but I'll report on how they compare once they new version is released in cinemas in a couple of weeks. For now, I do like some of the things that they've done with this cover, in particular the quote from Empire...
Yep, last year. And just in case you're wondering what these guys think of the new version, they've put a bloody great sticker on the box to let you know.

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