Wednesday 18 August 2010

SLACKER trailer review

Trailers are an important tool in building buzz and anticipation for films. A good trailer can sell a bad movie, a bad trailer can kill a good movie. Here we try and tell the difference between the two and pick out the most anticipated new films.
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This one of those trailers that arrives and you know absolutely nothing about the film its for. From what I've heard since this trailer hit the net a few days ago, it's directed by Colin and Greg Strouse, talented visual effects designers who've so far only made one feature...Aliens Vs Predator. But I'm willing to forgive them for that as this is an impressive trailer. Mostly comprised of aerial photography blended with some CGI spaceships, but also with some news footage included, they seem to be going for a District 9 style of campaign. Word of mouth is just going to build on this so remember, you saw it here first. Unless of course you saw it somewhere else.
Due November 2010
Anticipation Level


Also known as 'the year when Joaquin Phoenix decided to become a rapper and dicked around with his brother-in-law and a video camera'. Except, of course, it's not real. Hollywood stars are always having well documented meltdowns, and it's an interesting idea to film yourself doing it; but it's clearly staged. That doesn't mean I don't want to see this film, quite the opposite in fact. It's an astounding piece of self promotion where Phoenix really can't lose. Yeah, he was famous before, but now he's crossed over into infamy.
Due Late 2010
Anticipation Level


This is a bit more like it. I was perhaps a little bit over critical of the first trailer for Monsters, but I was just disappointed that I didn't get to see any actual monsters. This trailer offers me a bit of a closer look at the beings, and it's a lot more satisfying. At first I thought it looked like a Cloverfield style film, but now it's looking more like an array of beasties, somewhat similar to The Mist. I'd still like to see more footage, but it's looking more and more interesting.
Due October 2010
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At first the story of a struggling Ballerina might not sound like the most inspiring tale, but with Darren Aronofsky at the helm this should be amazing. I love Mila Kunis to bits, but so far she's not really proven herself as an actress, particularly dramatically. There does seem to be a nice interplay between her and Natalie Portman, and there's an awful lot going on that's only hinted at in this trailer. Portman's been in need of another standout role for a while now, and this appears to be it. By early 2011 this will be a massive Oscar contender.
Due December 2010
Anticipation Level


Hopefully Wes Craven was just using this as a warm up to next years Scream 4, because this looks shit. Using the whole 'sixteen years ago to this day' stuff has been done to death, and can only be used in an ironic way now, which Craven isn't for a change. The hand above the bed thing is stolen from one of Craven's own films, so that doesn't bode well for its originality. There'll be a teen audience that will lap this up, but with the emo soundtrack and the superfluous mention of 3D, I think I'll give this a miss.
Due Halloween 2010
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