Wednesday 11 August 2010

Back To The Cinemas

I'm starting to get really excited now. Hit the jump to see the new poster for the upcoming re-release of Back To The Future.

Ooooh, that's pretty. It's the classic iconography from the original Drew Struzan poster, but it looks incredibly sharp and shiny. In celebration of the unveiling of this new poster for the Back To The Future re-release on October 1st, we thought we'd take you back in time to before the first film had even come out. Nope, I don't have a time machine but I found this little time capsule that must have got lost sometime in 1985.

I love Back To The Future, and was pretty sure that NOTHING could ever tarnish its reputation in my eyes, but then I saw the original music video for Huey Lewis and the News singing 'The Power of Love'.

Don't get me wrong, the song's an absolute classic...but what a horrible music video. 'Uncle Charlie's' appears to be the dingiest bar in existence. The intro segment with Huey Lewis relating to the crowd is possibly the worst example of self aggrandising propaganda I've ever seen, and Huey comes out of it looking like a jackass.

I mean, who bases the quality of the movie on them making jackets? It's produced by Steven Spielberg, what did Huey expect? Also, who describes themselves to a crowd of people as 'your favourite band'? And what the hell was Doc Brown doing there? I don't blame him for walking out as soon as he sees Huey up on stage doing his fist pump thing.

There's only three good things about this video.

This car...
This guy...
And this guy.

But definitely not this guy...

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