Friday 27 August 2010


Frightfest begins today down in that there London, and I can't make it. It's one of those things that every year I say I'll make an effort to go down and see it, but instead I'm working Bank Holiday weekend for no extra pay. Ah well, maybe next year...

So to plan B. The good thing about Frightfest is that you've got really no idea what films they're going to put on for you. You might have heard some rumblings about some real nasty flicks (this year that would have been A Serbian Film, but it's been pulled due to censor issues), and sometimes there's a trailer knocking about that catches your eye.

Well, for me this year, that'd be Burning Bright. It doesn't look like the scariest film ever, but it's surely one of the most ridiculous. A sexy girl gets trapped inside her house with a Tiger on the loose, running around in her utility room. Oh, and her autistic brother is in the house too. She can't leave because there's a flippin' hurricane going on outside, so she's just got to stay clear of the Tiger until the weather gets better. High concept stuff.

Here's the trailer for your amusement. Sorry, it's not great quality.

Of course I want to see that film. Who wouldn't? But as I can't get down for Frightfest I'll have to do the second best thing. Wait 9 days and then rent it on DVD.
If I wasn't sold before, telling me that it stars the girl from Step Up 2 (if ever there was a person to see potentially ripped apart by a Tiger) and having a tagline as good as 'True Tiger Terror' has sealed the deal. I'll definitely do a review for this next week so keep a look out for that.

Oh, and if you are lucky enough to be going to Frightfest, have fun.

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