Monday 30 August 2010

COP OUT: Never More Apt A Title

Kevin Smith's latest film has had a bit of a rough time title-wise. Starting off as A Couple Of Dicks, that title was deemed a bit unsuitable for mass audiences, so we ended up with the watered down (but quite witty for its backstory) Cop-Out.
Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan in a buddy comedy about a pair of mismatched cops? Directed by comedy legend Kevin Smith in his first major trip outside of his ViewAskewniverse? How could it possibly fail?

Well it did in a way. It saw a $55 million return worldwide against a $30 million budget, which is pretty good; but it only took £60,000 here in the UK which is pretty poor for a Bruce Willis film. It was also absolutely mauled by critics. So, how do you go about relaunching the film for the home entertainment market? Well let's start with a new cover and see how that works.


Poor old Tracy Morgan. What did he ever do to deserve being shunted off the cover? From what I've heard he's the best thing about the movie. Admittedly, he's not quite as big a star in the UK as he is in the US, but to be taken off the promotional campaign and replaced with generic explosion is a bit harsh. 

Look at all the dead space on the right hand side. Could they really not have found a place for Tracy's goofy visage? The Blu-Ray's managed to fill that space, but it isn't much better.

Sorry Kev, you'll always be Silent Bob to us.

Cop Out is out on September 20th if you want to risk it. Trust me, Tracy Morgan IS in it.

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