Wednesday 1 May 2013

The Good, the Bad and the Blu-rays

Not a stellar week by any stretch of the imagination; this week's most notable releases sees dangerous aquatic creatures taking over.

If you look up the word sumptuous in the dictionary you won't find a screen shot from the very gorgeous looking Life of Pi, but that's only because you've got an old dictionary and this film is pretty recent. But, buy a dictionary in a couple of years time and check again, if not just to see if I'm right or whether I'm blathering on about nonsense. More than just a boy and a tiger in a boat, Life of Pi is a spiritual journey that I found both beautiful to look at and carrying a message that didn't seem preachy, and is released this week on DVD, blu-ray and 3D blu-ray in this quite lovely steelbook edition.

Starring alongside Robert De Niro in Being Flynn is Paul Dano, giving this film indie cred in aplenty. Based on the real life experiences of writer Nick Flynn and his absent father, Being Flynn sees Dano try to reconnect with De Niro tortured writer after a long period of absence and looks to hold a couple of great performances from the pair.

I haven't seen The Collection yet but I almost feel like I have, what with its near identical cover to its predecessor, 2010's The Collector. I gave the original a fairly good review and found it to be better in concept than the most recent of the Saw franchise, but time will tell whether this newly minted franchise will suffer the same fate.

And so once again, here we are peeling away the facade of modern suburbia with The Oranges. When Hugh Laurie's middle aged father starts a relationship with his best friend's 24 year old daughter, all hell breaks loose. This looks like a fairly run of the mill commentary on the flimsy nature of life in the suburbs, but any film that features Hugh Laurie, Allison Janney, Catherine Keener and Alia Shawkat is okay in my books.

Part Jaws, part Open Water, part Tremors and part The Mist, Bait looks totally stupid and a little bit brilliant. When a Tsunami hits the Australian shoreline and floods a supermarket full of people, it washes in a Great White Shark who's a little bit peckish. Sure enough the shark soon starts eating people because this is a movie and that's what sharks do in movies, obviously.

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