Friday 10 May 2013

EVIL DEAD 2 MONDO POSTER - Now that's how you pay tribute to a classic horror film.

There was never any rule written down that old films couldn't get new posters, and quite often very good new posters. Perhaps the leading example of this is the work released by Mondo, taking cult favourites and delivering a never ending gallery of related artwork, all by different designers. One new poster has surfaced this week for Sam Raimi's Evil Dead 2, showing Bruce Campbell's Ash within the woods and in the grip of a demonic possession. An undeniably beautifully composed image, this is how you pay tribute to a classic horror film.

Designed by Jason Edmiston, a limited number of prints were made available today and have since sold out, so expect this to become a hard to find collectors item immediately. If there's any mysterious benefactors out there looking to make me happy... this.

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