Monday 1 October 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Blu-rays

As we wade into October, so appear a plethora of horror films, including a bunch of classics seeing a re-release. It's the offbeat indie comedy-drama that provides the best disc of the week, though.

Wes Anderson's latest arrives on blu-ray after a successful theatrical run that saw critics and audiences heap praise on it alike. Moonrise Kingdom might just be the most Wes Anderson-y film he's made in years, and all the better for it. Using his existing reparatory company to watch over a young cast in a story of first love at a Rhode Island camp, this is one of the most purely entertaining films of the whole year.

I'm still to see 2 Days in New York, but enjoyed Delpy's previous directorial effort (2 Days in Paris) immensely. I'm concerned that the absence of Adam Goldberg will be felt too much and send the film in too different a direction, but if anyone can pique my interest in the project it's Chris Rock, stepping into the role of Marion's new beau, Mingus. This should serve as a reasonable placeholder until Delpy's reteaming with Ethan Hawke and Richard Linklater on next year's Before Midnight.

I'll admit that I had little interest in The Babymakers, even before reading the stupid warning label designed to stir up some sort of scandalous intrigue. Drug use! Kids, it has drug use! with an exclamation point! However, after reading the box quote provided by, I am kind of curious as to what the hell "Knocked Up meets Ocean's Eleven" could possibly look like.

I'm willing to argue with the cover of the newly released on blu-ray Child's Play, as I consider the more ludricrous Bride of Chucky to be the best of the franchise, although I suppose that would be a stupid statement to make on the cover. Also, it says "orginal" instead of "original", but I would hope someone spotted that before it went to print.
Other than that, it's rather nice packaging that (although completely unrelated) adds a nice comic book vibe to the film. If you've not seen Child's Play before, you could do worse than to pick this up cheap as an early Halloween offering.

Released on blu-ray to commemorate the studio's centenary, all of Universal's greatest monster movies are now available in these attractive looking single disc editions or as part of this coffin shaped boxset that includes all 8. There's quite a saving when buying them in boxset form, but those covers really are quite special and worth picking up singularly if you have a favourite.

Never mind the implausible nature of Syfy's latest "you say one word and I'll say another and we'll just stick them together" action sci-fi spectacular; if you ever wondered what happened to Edward Furlong after Terminator 2, here's your answer in all its bloated, ridiculous TV movie glory.

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