Tuesday 2 October 2012

Fast Girls - Way to tap into a nation's post Olympic high by doing something really misogynistic

Released earlier in the summer and completely missing the whole nation's new found interest in running and jumping and all that other stuff that came off the back of the Olympics, the Noel Clarke scripted Fast Girls told the story of two young women from different backgrounds finding common ground in their love of sport and forging an unlikely friendship. Inspirational stuff, really.

Well, the distributors have decided to try and make the most of the nation's post-Olympics pride by re-jigging the DVD cover to make it look a bit more patriotic. So, now instead of simple plain, everyday training gear, the girls are now dressed in red, white and blue with GBR blazoned across their chests. They're also sponsored by Aviva, which I'm sure is an absolutely crucial detail that warrants inclusion on the DVD cover.

They've also decided to, ahem, boost their audience by photoshopping some noticeably larger breasts onto the athletically figured star Lenora Crichlow, thereby increasing the odds that when dirty old men in rain macs are blindly Google searching for movies about "fast girls", they might consider this to be perfectly serviceable evening viewing material after all.

Fast Girls is available on DVD from the 8th October.

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