Thursday 25 October 2012

EVIL DEAD Redband Trailer

Sweet zombie Jesus this looks terrifying. Instead of walking the well worn path of being a poor interpretation of the original, this new remake of the 1981 horror classic seems to have kept what was so scary about the original (as well as pinching elements from the sequel) and added a bunch of new intriguing ideas. What's that you say? A female lead?

Rather than deal with fan uproar over who could play a new version of Ash, they've side stepped the issue by not including the character at all. Directed by newcomer Fede Alvarez, this remake (that for all intents and purposes could be a Bruce Campbell-less sequel) sees Suburgatory star Jane Levy and friends descend on the familiar cabin in the woods for a fun filled weekend of sex, drugs and ancient spirit awakening. In what must be one of the best cut trailers in years, we get a sneak preview of the horrific action in store including some terrifyingly gory body horror and the return of the infamous "tree rape".

Arguably more important than me being okay with this film coming into existence, so are original director Sam Raimi and star Bruce Campbell, both on board here as producers. In a grammatically confusing move that I'm sure no-one else has noticed, this new film is titled Evil Dead as opposed to the original being The Evil Dead, meaning that whilst this film might feature The Evil Dead, the original film will always be THE Evil Dead. Nice move Raimi, I can see what you did there.

Evil Dead will be among us in April 2013.

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