Monday 27 August 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Blu-rays

In a week that's got a selection of straight to DVD crap and some strange looking horror sequels, it's a TV boxset that provides the only real highlight.

It's a series that certainly divides fan opinion about the direction it takes (or veers away) from the original comics, but I absolutely loved The Walking Dead's second season and its farmhouse setting. The show has become a slow pot-boiler and could be seen as quite frustrating to watch week on week, which makes the purchase of this boxset an absolute must so you can watch it all in one go. Released on DVD and Blu-ray, the UK version
comes with some exclusive bonus features.

I assumed that the Starship Troopers franchise was dead in the water, but yet here we have a new animated sequel. Gone is all the satirical comment that made Starship Troopers so rewatchable, but there's still all the gung-ho "big guns versus big bugs" action violence that people seemed to like for some reason.

Personally, I'd not be so worried about the tornado but more about the flying saucer that appears to have some sort of tractor beam in operation. Presumably they thought the original title Alien Tornado was a bit on the nose, so they've changed it to something much more subtle. Bonus points for having Terry "Bernie from Weekend at Bernies" Kiser in the cast.

There'll always be a place in my heart for Luke Goss, as the time I had to defend my review of Death Race 2 using Bros lyrics was one of my proudest moments. Sadly, there won't always be a place for Luke Goss in my DVD collection, as he's shown himself to have all the charisma of a brick. Essentially a walking, talking Topman mannequin, Interview With a Hitman looks like one to miss.

A British horror featuring a cast of sexy, young and promiscuous college kids; despite its familiar "sadistic criminal genius" formula and being set in a cabin in the woods, Truth or Dare looks to have a lot of promise, even if it does seem a little confused about whether it's playing truth or dare or spin the bottle.

This week's found footage horror that in no way resembles Paranormal Activity in any way, shape or form is The Asylum Tapes, following a group of young people with a camera as they enter an abandoned old mental asylum and discover things that go bump in the night. Oh no, the footage was found but the people who filmed it never were! And look, their battery's getting low too! Seriously, I'm getting bored of this now.

Screened at Frightfest this past weekend, this zombie sequel stars the faux Welsh guy from Coupling and the girl from the O2 ads with the penchant for boxesThe first Outpost is up there with the best of the nazi zombie sub-genre, so hopefully this sequel will be able to live up to its forebearer's reputation.

The trailer for Detention makes it look like it could almost be the latest entry into the Scary Movie franchise; fully self referential and poking fun at itself. I'm willing to give this one a go, because in spite of the appearance of Dane Cook, this comedy horror from the director of Torque looks like it could be a lot of bat-shit crazy fun.


  1. I think that what I'm about to ask have been in everyone's minds: Do you choose mostly B, C and Z movies on purpose?

  2. Sorry, I did reply but it seems like it didn't upload! The short answer is yes.