Saturday 4 August 2012

Supernatural Activity - Dear God, No.

Laughing in the face of anyone who says Blair Witch Project parodies are old hat, we now have a "paranormal spooftacular" in the form of Supernatural Activity. Filling the void left by the lack of a new entry into the Scary Movie franchise (and with Friedberg and Seltzer pre-occupied with their upcoming piece of art The Starving Games), this new low-low budget "comedy" riffs on recent horror hits like Paranormal Activity and then apparently running out of material quite soon, resorts to spoofing any horror film released in the last 15 years that might have scared someone once, but more importantly retains some sort of recognition with the audience. 

Finding humour in gay jokes, Parkinson's disease and the death of Patrick Swayze (too soon guys, too soon), it's about the level of creativity I'd expect from a former co-star of Mary-Kate and Ashley sitting in the director's chair and a bit part actor writing under the psuedonym of 'Johnny Story'. Almost worth starting a war for oil and re-instating the draft, Supernatural Activity is the unfortunate byproduct of too many young white males with too much time on their hands.

If you fancy punishing your eyeballs, Supernatural Activity is hitting DVD shelves (What? No theatrical release?!) on August 13th.

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