Tuesday 28 August 2012


Nowadays it's nigh on impossible for any actress to play a strong, career minded woman without it looking like a parody of Sarah Palin, but this smart new trailer for Butter plays on that preconception, starting off with the Stars and Stripes awaving before wading into the strange world of competitive butter carving. Like all good satires, there's something slightly nauseating about the whole thing.

The influence on Jennifer Garner's character is clear, and although Olivia Wilde may look like she's regressed back to her days in The O.C., I'm all for any character who boasts she gets pregnant "like, once a month". The trailer also has a blink and you'll miss it appearance from Alicia Silverstone, her one line of dialogue proving that time can be cruel; her stardom melting away like so much warm butter...

Anyway, with just the right amount of Drop Dead Gorgeous-style satirical comment on those weird suburban American things we don't get, and a great cast that also features Modern Family's Ty Burrell and Hugh Jackman in an extended cameo, if I was hunting for a poster quote I'd say it looks "butterly brilliant" and then feel quite cheap about the whole thing.

Butter hits US screens in October and should hopefully arrive in the UK soon after.

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