Friday 1 June 2012


Sarah Polley's directorial follow up to Away From Her, her massively successful debut, stars Michelle Williams as a woman torn between the love of two men.

Although the title might at first bring to mind the Antonio Banderas starring Dangerous Minds meets Strictly Ballroom high school drama Take The Lead, the subject matter couldn't be more different. In similar territory to the romantically complex Away From Her, Take This Waltz sees Michelle Williams' Margot struggle with her feelings for the local rickshaw driving/struggling artist Daniel, all whilst being married to Seth Rogen's devoted husband Lou.

The plot summary for Take This Waltz seems like it might be in danger of being passed off as a hipster romance, and maybe it different hands it would be, but considering Polley's previous work I doubt that's a road she'd be too keen to travel down, especially by rickshaw. Seth Rogen, slowly shedding his crown prince of slackerdom crown, has proven in the past that when given the chance to act he is more than capable of showing some dramatic range. His performance is sure to be helped by the appearance of the almighty Michelle Williams, possibly the best young actress working in Hollywood today.

Williams can pretty much have whatever role she wants nowadays, so there must be some powerful drama in the script, also by Polley. My guess is the complicated idea that you can be in love with two people at the same time, and all the emotional turmoil that comes along with that. Whatever the case, the combination of Polley and Williams is sure to be a winning one.

More than just a simple love triangle, Take This Waltz is released in the US and Australia this month, with a UK release date still to be set.

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