Thursday 28 June 2012

So, I Was on Another Podcast... Sort of.

Remember the ID Fest I went to in Derby a couple of weeks back? Remember when I said I had somehow agreed to appear on a podcast despite never doing it before (I've since become an expert at it and have done it once more), and that I was going to listen to it before sharing it with others in case I said anything stupid?

Well after a month of waiting here it is. After giving it a quick check first I've decided that I don't mind anyone listening to it as I don't say anything stupid. In fact, I don't say anything much at all, as by a twist of audio fate there was a bit of a problem with some of the recordings; mostly when I was talking, it would appear.

I've listened to it a couple of times and I'm pretty sure that all that remains of my witty asides and expert deconstruction of cinema and all its forms is me saying my name (which I got right) and the classic quote "Brian Blessed". Anyways, never mind about my ramblings, as despite a bit of dodgy audio at times, "The Heroes We Deserve" podcast features a bunch of people unquestionably better at public speaking than me talking about their favourite moments of the festival. Enjoy.

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  1. Well done my son. Always knew the training in public speaking hadn't missed a generation.