Monday 4 June 2012

The Good, the Bad and the Blu-rays

It's a bit of a strange one this week, in that the highest profile DVD and Blu-ray releases are all re-issues. But boy, there are some cracking re-issues on the list.

Let's just get it out of the way; if you don't like The Return of the Living Dead there's something wrong with you. If you've never seen it before, well you're lucky people, as you get to experience Dan O'Bannon's 80's horror comedy classic on a shiny new blu-ray disc that comes in one of the nicest looking steel-books there is. Not only that, but the disc comes with some great extras, including the extremely thorough documentary, More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead, which is worth the price of the blu-ray alone.

"Hi, I'm Noomi Rapace. I was in the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo film and do the same creepy Kubrick stare on the DVD cover of every film I'm in", is what this DVD says in a roundabout sort of way. Before seeing the trailer for this film I'd never even heard of a 'Babycall', but it refers to the kiddy walkie talkies that parents can use to listen in to their sleeping children, but of course, Noomi starts to hear something different. It's a concept straight out of J-Horror, but surprisingly, one that I don't think has been done before.

Curiosity dictates that I will watch pretty much anything with John 'Jim from The Office' Krasinski in it, but this might stretch my desire to see him have a successful film career. With so much sugar in this water I'm sure these whales are now diabetic, Big Miracle is a heart-warming blah, blah, true story blah, blah.

No, I'd never heard of Nomads either, but it shows great potential to be another lost 80's classic. Directed by John McTiernan, it's an early cinema outing for Pierce Brosnan as a man caught up in a Stephen King-esque story of supernatural beings. It's worth checking out the trailer to see how well Brosnan wears a beard, or just to check out what might be the single greatest moment in movie trailer history...


With appearances in both the Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead remakes, it's clear that if there's one thing Ving Rhames likes to do, it's kill zombies. Oh, and to pick up an easy paycheck for appearing in low budget, Asylum produced horrors. To be fair, Zombie Apocalypse has nicely designed box art, but on the evidence of the trailer, this looks to be quite cheaply produced. My advice, wait two weeks and it'll be on Syfy.

Ugh. This looks like my idea of cinematic hell. But if you like to watch movies that even Danny Dyer would turn down whilst you're waiting for your new game of FIFA to load up on the Xbox and your Mum to get back from the shops with your Red Bull, this may be just the distraction from getting a job or a real girlfriend you need.

Respect where it's due, "if you're looking for a fight... he'll deliver" is a brilliant tagline. Something tells me that this Transporter-esque straight to DVD thriller might be worth a watch, if only to see how well Jeffrey Dean Morgan holds up as an action star.

I have high hopes for Juan of the Dead, even if it is walking a dangerous road by instantly provoking comparison with the almighty Shaun of the Dead. Still, setting a zombie apocalypse against the backdrop of a Cuban revolution is at least unique to the genre, and the whole affair looks to be suitably tongue in cheek.

I'm struggling to see the significance of the date, but for some reason all of David Lynch's major works have been released on blu-ray this week. Maybe the Queen's a big fan. As well as all the single edition discs with their respective special features, a bunch have been collected together into this box set that I'm inclined to say is a must own for any Lynch fan, although super fans probably already own this mega-awesome imported French bad boy.

Sadly passing me by at the cinema, having now seen the trailer Goon has shot towards the top of my to-watch list. An ice hockey movie that's really about boxing, this is the kind of sports movie for me. Playing a guy who's better with his fists than his words, Seann William Scott may have found a role that's more than just another Stifler clone. Violent and funny in all the right ways, Goon looks like it may re-arrange the face of sports comedies.

Re-packaged and re-released just before the new Andrew Garfield starring re-boot hits cinemas, I'm not so keen on this box-set for a couple of reasons. It appears to have added nothing to the already available bare bones box set, and is a definite step down from the attractively packaged deluxe edition that's now long out of print. Still, it'll sell by the bucket load when the new film comes out, and if you have to buy it, I recommend buying it as the boxset as the single editions are some of the ugliest looking blu-rays I've ever seen.

Spider-man 1? Really?

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