Saturday 19 May 2012

Analysis of a Movie Poster - STOLEN

The new poster for Nicolas Cage's upcoming action flick Stolen has just been released, and well, it looks quite a bit like a bunch of other posters.

Starting from the top down, that is most definitely Mr Nicolas Cage and his lovely, thick hair caught mid-stride in a heroic action pose. They've also gone with the "cool guys don't look at explosions" method. Hey, you can't argue with the classics.

Now, I can't quite put my finger on it, but the concept of this movie does seem a tad familiar... It also seems like we're still using the large blocks of text obscuring most of the poster. Thanks a lot, The Adjustment Bureau.

And so to the all important title (most films have got one), and they've gone with the font that seems to be the go to action movie font of late, showing up on the posters for Total Recall and Source Code. In fact, there's quite a few similarities between the poster for Stolen and Source Code, but I suppose you can't stop movie stars from running.

Can you really sell a movie on the presumed success of another movie that hasn't even been released yet? The director in question is Simon West, the director of the fantastic Cage-O-rama that is Con Air. Surely using that film's highly regarded status would have made more sense?

As for the plot of Stolen, it's the story of one man, working against the odds and against the clock to find his daughter who has been 'stolen' from him. C'mon Nic Cage, you're clearly TAKEN the piss.

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