Thursday 9 December 2010

TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON teaser trailer review

The teaser trailer for the third Transformers film has just been released on the web. If you thought the second film was terrible (like me), prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Well, who'd have thought it. After seemingly ruining the franchise with the second installment, this teaser trailer for the third outing actually looks quite promising. I quite like the idea of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin being super spies, sent to the Moon on a secret mission. Government conspiracies have always played a part in the Transformers films, but this appears to be the biggest one yet.

Of course, what this trailer doesn't show us is any of the present day shenanigans with Shia LaBeouf and Josh Duhamel, and that's where the bulk of the story is going to lie. Little is known about the plot for this one, only that Megan Fox won't be returning and Patrick Dempsey's been added to the cast. Not as a replacement for Fox, obviously. 

I don't know who that robot on the Moon was, but I'm sure he'll turn up at some point to stir things up, hopefully without any cringeworthy racial profiling. Michael Bay took some horrendous missteps on the second film, and I only hope that Steven Spielberg has been able to set him on the right path this time. As for it being in 3D, I'm slightly looking forward to it. The robot on robot fights will be as predictable as ever, but if they use some real outer space photography as backdrops, it'll at least look nice.

I still think this third film has an awful title, but then so did the second film and that turned out to be... oh, wait. It was terrible, wasn't it.

Mr Bay, this is your last chance.

Due July 2011
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  1. OMG, can't wait for this. Saw the first one on Tv again the other night and have to rewatch the second as I don't remember it too well.....prob says it all tbh.