Thursday 2 December 2010

FRED: The Movie

Now that it's December, it's time to start rounding up the contenders for worst film of the year. Well, I'm pretty sure I've found it, and it's not even been released in cinemas yet.

Brace yourself folks, here's the trailer for Fred: The Movie.

Yep, that was Pixie Lott, destroying any shred of respectability she ever had. If she ever had any, I wouldn't really know. As for that John Cena bloke, he seems like a lovely chap who I'd never say a bad word about...just in case. What ever happened to good family comedies? I'd rather lock my kids in a basement than let them see this crap. I wonder what the BBFC have to say about this film?

"Contains behaviour that would be dangerous if copied". No shit. I'm trying to slap him through my computer monitor right now. Given the BBFC's recent decision to cut A Serbian Film due its damaging and disturbing nature, I think we should start a campaign to get Fred: The Movie cut by, oh, let's say 83 minutes and 10 seconds. I'm only thinking of the children.

If you're the kind of person who hates their own family, Fred: The Movie will be gracing our screens on December 17th.

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