Friday 10 December 2010

REAL STEEL trailer review

Continuing this week's trailer trend of having big bloody robots punching each other, here's the trailer for Hugh Jackman's Real Steel.

So, it's Robot Wars, except instead of Craig Charles, we've got Anthony Mackie from Hurt Locker. I guess that makes Hugh Jackman that nerdy kid who's never going to get a girlfriend, constantly adding new features to his robot to stave off the desire to kill himself. Look! It can flip itself the right way up again! Cool!

The Transformers comparisons are obvious, but the robots here look a lot crappier, like they're straight from the junkyard. They look nicely customised (my money's on the dude with the yellow mohawk), but perhaps wisely haven't been given creepy metallic faces like the Transformers. They're still painfully obvious CGI creations, but that's to be expected.

I'm not quite sure how this is going to compare to the new Transformers film, but something tells me it'll look tame in comparison. It may be boiling down those films to the basic action scenes, but the constant robot on robot fighting was what really spoilt the second film for me. Well, that among other things.

Here's hoping Hugh Jackman's character has got a compelling story to back up all the fighting, and that Anthony Mackie does more than just shout a lot. Real Steel's not out until October next year, clearly wanting to avoid a literal (not literal) robot smackdown with the Transformers franchise, but it shows some promise within its limited setting.

Due October 2011
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